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My art has always been a reflection of my memories, how they change, morph and bend the truth. From the past to current daily mundane snapshots that help my mental health.  

In my paintings and sculptures, I use cardboard as a base for the structure. I use the universal premise of packing mementos into boxes for storage; a reflection of the many moves I made over my lifetime. Packing everything I own and trusting that layers of paper will protect what is my physical life.


I use paper as a medium and create imbedded texture on the surface.  Some of the paper is torn away to create friction and tension that memories can provide, underneath the tears reveal hidden layers of mark making that mimic clarity.

With my more recent resin pieces I am trying to compensate for the thick muck of life that Covid-19 has made the norm. I am trapping metaphors and thinking about the future. What is worth saving and trying to hope for?

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